vendredi 15 mai 2009


Because there is very few people reading this blog, this one is nearly abandoned - of course, there is already a great number of interesting sites in english language like I said in the introduction. So, because it seems to be not very useful for readers, most of subjects of the main site are not translated now; I apologize for this if you come here. If you understand a bit french language, you can go on the main site and you are welcome :
Among the latest entries, Charles DARWIN's birthday and a talk about evolution, tributes to the illustrator Edd CARTIER, the S-F writers Philip José FARMER and Stanley WEINBAUM, Ray HARRYHAUSEN's producer Charles SCHNEER, a review of great makeup artists threw away by CGI like Patrick TATOPOULOS and Rob BOTTIN, the cinematographer Jack CARDIFF, the marvellous composer Jerry GOLDSMITH, etc...

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