mardi 29 juillet 2008


Welcome to this new site. This is an english translation from a french blog. At the beginning, there was an intention to pay homage to the makeup artist Stan WINSTON, as soon as I learned by stroke his disappearance two day sooner and I felt this as a certain emptiness, because he was a reference in the special effects area and I had interest for his career since 24 years ( and the greatest movie composer Jerry GOLDSMITH's tribute was completely and scandalously ignored few years ago in my country, so, this time, I would to give my contribution to someone who made us to dream ). Also, I wrote in a very few time a little text from my memories. I could see than my work was very complete, because the main french newspaper, "Le Monde", did a tribute more than two weeks after me and it dealed about exactly the same summary than I did. The day I made the article, I created a blog, without to think than a famous canadian site, the Club des monstres*, would be interested to publish it. I am grateful to his creator, Mario GIGUERE, who demanded to me to put it on line on his site. Of course, I agreed, but I had alreadly made my own site, also, I though to the possibility to use this one to present other texts about the creatures, real and fictional.
Although living creatures themself, humans have very often a few interest for other lifeforms - and a lot of species disappear, because intensive hunting and human expansion. Most of people don't know the main taxons of animal systematics, although each one of them includes very well-known species ( and it's a fact than there is any place for zoology in general culture ). This blog deals about creatures, not only the real ones, but also fictional beings created by all people fascinated by the diversity of life ( in the style of the great french astronom Camille FLAMMARION who did in the XIX th century a book about planets and stars, LES MONDES REELS ET LES MONDES IMAGINAIRES, dealing of real and fictional worlds, both in astronomy and in literary works since antiquity ). I do this english version, even if my english practice is poor, because I think that many more people interested by these subjects spoke english rather french. Of course, there is already a very lot of fabulous english sites on internet - and a very big amount of very nice pictures; the future will show if this new one can bring something to international readers or not.

Completely independent from any institution or group, this blog searches too to defend an original, or at least a traditional, point of view, about our interest domains, against the conformisms. Biology is since 15 years reduced at some mathematical abstraction, and the complexity of life is forgotten in favour of biochemical equations, as noticed by the paleontologist Stephen Jay GOULD. In the cinema's domain, there is anymore respect for the genious creators, able to make viewers to believe to anything, because only the bad and quickly computered engineering effects have the favour of producers nowadays. Conformists people have a lot of sites to expose their conceptions; now, there is at least this one for all the others.


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